Join the Lab

We are currently accepting new undergrad, Masters, Ph.D., and Postdoc applicants to our lab. If you’d like to join, reach out to us on the contact page.

Open position for a postdoctoral researcher

Our lab is looking for a postdoctoral research associate to study the ecology and evolution of marine giant viruses. As ubiquitous and highly diverse members of the marine microbial community, giant viruses represent an emerging player in the marine food web and global biogeochemistry. We are looking for a scientist passionate about studying these fascinating viruses using laboratory host-virus systems, field sampling and computational biology approaches.
Researchers with some expertise in the following areas should consider submitting an application:

  • Bioinformatic analysis of microbial community sequencing data, including metagenomics and/or metatranscriptomics, and experience in coding languages (Python or R).
  • Field sampling and processing of samples from aquatic environment -with downstream processing like water filtration, DNA/RNA extraction and preparation of samples for high-throughput sequencing.
  • Laboratory maintenance of algal cultures and algae-virus systems with experience in molecular techniques like qPCR, Microscopy, heterologous protein expression, etc.

Please note that these are not strict requirements. We are flexible regarding the skills you have and the research questions you want to pursue. If you are passionate about giant viruses and open to learn new tools/techniques, you should apply!

Applicants should send a cover letter outlining their qualifications, a CV and the name and contact information of three references to Dr. Mohammad Moniruzzaman ( by November 15th, 2022.

Open position for a Ph.D. student

We are currently looking for a Ph.D. student who will start in Fall 2023. The student will pursue research in the molecular and ecological aspects of giant virus-host interactions through laboratory research, field work and bioinformatic approaches. Please reach out to the Principal Investigator ( if you are interested with a CV and a short paragraph detailing your interest. Note that the application deadline to the Rosenstiel School is January 1, 2023, but you are encouraged to apply by December 1, 2022 for full consideration.